Murphy’s Kids Laws – Happy Children’s Day 2019!

Happy Eleanor

Happy Children's Day For 2019!

Personally, we couldn't ask for a better timing or topic to start one of our personal blog categories: tech-families. After long debates inside our team, we have decided: experience calls for an alternate, improved and hopefully revised version of the Murphy's Kids Law.

#1. Once you plan a family vacation, your kid(s) will probably be sick.

#2. If you leave your kid(s) unattended, you'll probably end-up in the ER

#3. Smile, tomorrow you'll have another kid on your plate.

#4. If you don't hear your kid for 10 seconds, something is burning.

#5. Enough research will eventually tend to explain why kids hate vegetables.

#6. Yelling takes longer than you've expected.

#7. Bigger the danger, bigger the attraction from your kid(s).

#8. Your kids will make the impossible wrong, possible.

#9. Smile, in one year everything will be exponentially harder to understand.

#10. Your kid(s) will damage your lucky shirt 5 minutes before leaving to an interview.

Happy Kids Day!

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