Startup Events In 2020 (Full List) That Any Tech Startup Should Consider

Full Startup Events 2020 list is available here (xlsx).

As a tech startup, we are interested in building our own peer network and start things as soon as possible. We will start in the year 2020 with startup events in 2020. In our opinion, choosing from a swarm of annual tech events is a complex process and one should perform its own research.

A Few Words About The 2020 Startup Event List

  • The list is an on-going internal effort for the startup community
  • We encourage event managers to contact us in order to update all information about their events
  • The list is focused on European events as-is (announced and confirmed for 2020)
  • US, LATAM and other continents are on-going

Getting The Most Out Of Tech Events

Marketing gurus all over the world are still debating if events are a waste of money or not. Our answer is that it depends. One may look to try new ideas and/or pitches, raise awareness over their product and/or service and get people's on the spot feedback for important mock-ups or processes.

Here are the reasons that help us choose which event we'll be attending in 2020:

  1. Cost and Budget: continent, distance from nearest airport, travel, and accommodation will play a huge role in choosing the startup tech event - since we are from Europe, most likely we will choose an event that will not cost us (in total) more than EUR 800 - EUR 1,000 for two attendees.
  2. Private Networking Potential: we are not interested in events where scanning badges is considered a success, without any value for the business itself. We are interested in talking to people like us that can give us the blunt truth about our start-up. We are interested in long-term partnerships formed in a trustworthy, relaxed, environment.
  3. Mentorship Potential: we are interested in learning from those more experienced and/or more creative than us. Tips & tricks about business building can be considered business hacks however, we agree with offering the best for our customers.
  4. Super Early Bird Price available for startups. Or even the existence of a package specially crafted for startups shows interest for young companies.
  5. Event continuity: if the event was a success, we reckon that it will have at least three years of past iterations.
  6. Digital marketing visibility: the event offers digital visibility on all its well-established digital channels - event page, event Facebook page, event LinkedIn page, event Twitter live feeds, etc.


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