Technical Roadmap

Last updated: 11/11/19

Core Business Applications is set to deliver a unique platform as a service (PaaS) framework for business applications custom development and data integration targeting small-medium businesses and medium enterprises.

The framework called 'CoreOne' will be the first cloud framework capable of managing any data from any source and allow users to develop their own complex business applications mapped with their needs without any coding, and also leveraging the existing software categories needed to manage customer, product and employee operations.

Introducing CoreOne Cloud Platform

Disclaimer: This public product technical roadmap is offered as-is and its sole intent is to promote and inform potential customers about our potential launch phases.

  • 2019 Forth Quarter - List on betalist our mockups for customer feedback and input
  • 2020 First Quarter - Closed Beta for CoreOne Studio, CoreOne SPM
  • 2020 Second Quarter - Launch Public Beta of CoreOne SPMv0.9 and ConeOne Studio

We strive to keep this tight schedule open for transparency and support from your side. If you have any questions about the project or if you want to participate in our open beta campaign in fall 2019, feel free to register on the blog, or follow us on Twitter and we'll keep you up to date with future developments.

The CoreBapp team considers, among others, Twitter and LinkedIn a good place for developers like us to push updates, get our work recognized by dev communities and eventually, create our own for-dev-by-dev ring.

CoreBApp team is commited to transparency, however as any other startup we have encounted many issues in delivering this tight schedule: losing valuable resources, encountering Kubernetes complexity, infrastructure stability issues induced by our providers and most of all, keeping costs under tight lease. Below you can find the initial roadmap version (v.0.5) for startup steps documentations. 

  • Aug-19 > CoreBapp CoreOne Cloud Platform dev-testing v0.9 is done
  • Oct-19 > CoreBapp CoreOne Cloud Platform beta testing is opened for registration
  • Nov-19 > CoreBapp CoreOne Cloud Platform beta testing and community feedback
  • Dec-19 > CoreBapp CoreOne Cloud Platform v1.0 launch for general availability

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